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Survey Findings – Evolving Apache NiFi

Survey of long time users to understand NiFi usage Datavolo empowers and enables the 10X Data Engineer. Today's 10X Data Engineer has to know about and tame unstructured and multi-modal data. Our core technology, Apache NiFi, has nearly 18 years of development,...

Apache NiFi – designed for extension at scale

Apache NiFi – designed for extension at scale

AI systems need data all along the spectrum of unstructured, structured, and multi-modal.  The protocols by which these diverse types of data are both acquired and delivered are as varied as the data types themselves.  At the same time data volumes and latency requirements grow ever stronger which demands solutions which scale down and up first – then out.  In other words we need maximum efficiency, we can’t resort to remote procedure calls for every operation, and we need to support hundreds if not thousands of different components or tools in the same virtual machine.